HA'APE'E 'UO 2011-2012-2013 IN MAEVA HUAHINE 

IT IS SO GOOOOD to see the "UO rise in the sky of Huahine! The mythic kite flies over the beach of Maeva again and again... next to where Hotu Hiva arrived in the drum from Ra'iatea...


The 'UO is the traditional kite of Huahine. Hape'e 'Uo was a  very popular game, originally used for religious purpose. Bamboo framed and dressed with tapa, the kites were shaped in turtles, birds or rays and could also have human shape. During the Hape'e 'UO, the game played by men and young boys as well, several persons could be necessary to handle huge kites flying very high in strong wind. They were given names and sometimes powered by songs and incantations. The highest kite was rewarded in a big ceremony in which the winner would receive the largest amount of food.

Bobby often represented the 'UO in his paintings, he contributed to its revival in Huahine. Nowadays kite is customized to our time and women play it as well. This year will be an exceptional occasion for  people to be watching the 'UO  in the sky of Huahine. 



Na tahoe Huahine.mp3