Y E A R     2 0 1 1     B O B B Y     2 0 TH    F E N U A    H O M A G E 

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Bobby's originals at Musée de Tahiti et des îles

Feb 15th to April 30th

 Sarahina's exhibition "APARIMA" at Galerie le Chevalet feb..11th to 19th


 532 Huahine Children singing Bobby's songs may 12th


An homage by NIHIAU

Dance Group 

at Pirae Town hall 

May  27th


 Junior drawing contest at Maison de la Culture June 15 tth to 24th


Concert pour Bobby june 25th in Papeete Vaiete



Ha'ape'e 'Uo 

in Maeva Huahine

E Hopu Ana Vau.mp3